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Load2 experiments

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 4:46 pm
by impala59
I have moved onto this thread as my previous posts were probably on the wrong sub section and the Load2 is definitely a competition item. They are available to buy but seem prohibitively expensive. The mk.1 was made from plastic plumbers pipe clips (22mm), a 4" steel repair plate and some M5 nuts and bolts. The bottom clip has a penny washer heated and melt fitted as a base, the top clip is cut on the diagonal to remove drag material. Both clips were eased with a file to compromise grip and release. They work ok but there is not much spring in the plastic and they tend to release in a "V" into my hand. further easing created poor retention
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The mk.2 used the same steel plate but used sprung steel "terry clips" (a UK name?) on a 30mm M5 bolt with washers for the spacing (I used washers as I could vary the height) and a nyloc nut at the bottom. these had superior retention and release properties and no base plate was necessary. The only problem was the finish on the clips, I had to carefully file all the burrs off or I would tear my hand to shreds. I then realised what I needed for the next mod. Both attempts were too short. To be able to get my hand on both cartridges securely, I have ordered some 5" plates (with rounded corners too) and will continue to experiment
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Re: Load2 experiments

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 4:47 pm
by impala59
Due to the 3 photo limit, this is continued from above

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Re: Load2 experiments

PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:37 pm
by impala59
And so to the mark 3, sprung terry clips mounted on M4 (4mm x 16mm,20mm and 25mm) stand off spacers. Clips flattened to ease exit and set apart by 5" (120mm) bar. Mounted on belt horizontally as test (works quite well for me) 3 different spacer heights to add distance between cartridges. This works reasonably well with good retention and easy release, it looks a bit messy though and the metal clips would need spraying in one of the rubber or plastic paints to soften the edges.

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Finally, the mark 3a, a 5" bar with varying height stand off spacers and crucially, a 19mm nylon tool clip which when tightened onto the spacer post expands to 21mm. The best retention, the narrowest clip and the best release by far. Again, mounted horizontally which seems to work well ( with the exception of a weak hand reload, in which case the shells are facing the wrong way) The 5 P rule then applies, Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. This is probably the end of my experiments as my dear wife bought me a Chameleon Loadtwo rig (see product reviews) but I think in certain circumstances my home made rig is superior to the factory product, so I will keep it together and hopefully with all my options, my scores, speed and performance will improve. Picture shows 8 load2 horizontal carriers

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