Ithaca m87 value

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Hey guys I have been looking high and low and can't find a value on this gun. I can't even find this exact gun in the gun bible so I thought hey why not give the Ithaca owners forum a

My dad purchased this gun in 1991 it's stamped on the side m-87-featherlight deer slayer. He was told by the store owner he purchased it from it was the deer slayer 2. Serial #mag-870026683.

I find some with interchangeable barrels and a few other options on guns in the catalog but none that match this gun all together.

It's a beautiful Monte Carlo stock, with a gold trigger. The barrel is rifled and is fixed and its a 20 gauge which is the part that I can't exactly find in the bible.

Any information on a value or where I could find some more information on this I would really appreciate it.
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The 87 is really just a rebadged 37 so they will price out like one. I don't have my book handy, but if you look up a DS II model 37 from the same period you should get a comparable price.

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