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Can anyone provide an overview of the different types of forearms the Model 37 progressed thru and the approximate dates it happened? I am new to collecting the 37 and would like to get specimens of each :D

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Believe it or not that's a pretty big question. On the standard grade guns you have Pre-War, Post-War, Early finger groove beaver tail, beaver tail with pressed checkering (I think 3 styles of pressed checkering off the top of my head), then the round style with pressed checkering. If you want to get into the Trap, Skeet, Target, and Deluxe grades you start to get into even more checkering patterns but the overall shape is the same. Give me a few days and I'll get some pictures together for you.
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I look forward to that too, with a production run of 80 years and most parts interchangeable, I am sure that many have the wrong (for year, type or model) forearm and/or stock. I must admit to moving mine around, (they all fit great whatever year!) I've been swapping, selling and buying simply because they are '37s and over here parts are fairly rare at the best of times

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