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This is an East German Makarov 9x18 built 1961 by Ernst Thaelmann/Simson in Suhl Germany. I paid $200 for her back in the early 90's. The Pistolet Makarova (PM) is a medium-size, straight blowback action, frame-fixed barrel handgun. In blowback designs, the only force holding the slide closed is that of the recoil spring; upon firing, the barrel and slide do not have to unlock, as do locked-breech design pistols. Blowback designs tend to be more accurate than designs using a recoiling, tilting, or articulated barrel. The 9x18mm cartridge is a practical cartridge in blowback-operated pistols; producing a respectable level of energy from a gun of moderate weight and size.

East German Makarov


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Where the accuracy comes from is that in a blowback action gun, unlike a locking action gun, the barrel is permanently mounted to the frame. The barrel doesn't move in any way shape or form, which adds greatly to the accuracy of the weapon.

The 9mm Makarov cartridge ballistically between a .380 auto and a 9mm Para/Luger. It's generally recognized as the the most powerful cartridge that can be contained in a standard sized compact blowback gun before you have to change to a locking type action. The cartridge itself is NOT compatible or interchangeable with the 380 or 9mm. The 9Mak uses much larger .364 bullets.

As a platform, the Makarov handgun is very accurate and a blast to shoot. I used it for competition for the first few years. The slightly larger CZ-82 is also chambered in 9Mak but doublestacked for 12 rounds.
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That's correct you have a picture of yours you can post here...?!

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I have own a Makarov handgun it was a nice gun for me but sad to say it was stolen, now I'm planning to buy for replacement of the lost gun.
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