What would you like to see from Ithaca Gun Company?

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:36 pm
ripjack13 wrote:I think they should work with Blackhawk and come up with a tactical stock with the recoil reduction system. And if they really wanted to be innovative they could come up with a traditional style stock with a recoil reduction system. That would be a bestseller guaranteed.

Ithaca wrote:

We have talked to Blackhawk/Knoxx in the past so we made our own using the ATI unit & manufacturing our own pistol grip with a build in recoil reduction system. We offer this on the HD models now. MSPR $649 on the 20" 8 shot & $629 on the 18 1/2" 5 shot.


so...how much is just the stock? i already have a 37.
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I'd be compelled to buy a semi auto, SxS and/or ULT M37 if they were offered in 28 gauge.

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Allan wrote:I'd be compelled to buy a semi auto, SxS and/or ULT M37 if they were offered in 28 gauge.

Hello,Alan.Good to see another 28 gauge fan on the site. :) A nice light weight 28 gauge semi auto or SXS Ithaca would be great to see.Would probably be compelled to purchase one of each myself. :)

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I too would like to see the model 51 go back into production.

I purchased a 12 gauge in the 70's and it has NEVER failed me!

I watched my father struggle with a Remington model 1100, including one trip to Canada where he had a sky full of waterfowl and a "single shot" due to jamming of the gun's "gas ring".

The simplicity of the design makes cleaning a breeze and it can be field striped in 10 minutes with nothing more than a ball point pen to push out the pins holding the trigger assy. in.

I would very much like to purchase a 20 gauge version of the model 51 for field hunting.
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Keep all the great suggestions coming guys!
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You know, Ithaca has in their own right produced some of the most amazing and reliable firearms to date!

I'm really enjoying hearing about well used and loved firearms in service performing to expectation after sooo many years! So, I gues, keep doin that! :D

I like double duty firearms too, the "combat" or defensive shotgun. Threaded choke options would be cool, and I'd still like to see an autoloader too. I'd love to see a 22" vent rib threaded for chokes!
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I'd like to see them bring back the "take down" barrels to the defense line. The quick detach barrel is one of the best points of the M37.

I'd really like to see the DSPS is the line up again. It was one of the best police shotguns ever.

Lastly, i'd like to see Ithaca try to convince Surefire to start making the 624 weapon light again and offer it as a factory option on the defense model.
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Some real good suggestions cindynles !!

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I wish I saw this thread yesterday since I'm in the market to buy another auto 12ga.

I think Ithaca should tap into the semi-auto market by producing a quality, inertia based, 3 1/2" 12ga using the Stoeger M3500 style recoil spring around the magazine tube, and Ithaca quality to compete with the M3500 and SBE produced by Beretta subsidiaries. By using a similar design to that of the Stoeger, perhaps M37 stocks, and trigger groups could be used to simplify the manufacturing process.

I just think the gas auto would have to have a lot more R&D to get right, and even then is kind of a gamble. Plus keeping the end of the magazine tube open, extensions could be fitted allowing it to compete in the 3 gun matches/home defense, and hunting markets.

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I'd like to see the new o/u in a 20 ga sporting and skeet version not just a field version.

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