What would you like to see from Ithaca Gun Company?

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DHonovich wrote:Sounds like a fair request! We plan to make some decals for the forum as well in the near future.

What's the word on these Dan?

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I would like to see them bring back the English Ultra M-37. I'll post a picture of one of the original ads from the 80's when I find it again among the pile of gun magazines I've collected over the years. Even if it were a special order gun, I bet they would sell.

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You can buy any case under the moon for a cell phone but go try to find a decent choke tube case or pouch. What's up with that? I have a couple of Ithacas that came with extra choke tubes loose in bags. I bought the green Ithaca soft gun case with matching double shell bag. I wish Ithaca would offer a matching choke tube pouch like Browning used to offer. From ebay I order Briley's plastic Red case for 12 gauge and yellow for 20 gauge but I couldn't find the purple for 16 gauge. I also ordered a couple from Cabela's. With all the guns on the market with screw-in chokes you would think there would be a better selection of cases that you can carry your choke tubes in your pocket and keep them stored at home but I couldn't find any.

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I have heard through the grape-vine that Ithaca is coming out with an automatic. Any truth to that rumor? If it is true-when, what is it, tell us more. Maybe it is already out and I have not heard about it.
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I would love to see the EX1, apparently a semi auto model 37 prototype from the old days with proper bottom eject. I’ve not even seen a picture of it just a tantalising mention in Walter Snyders book. If they could manage bottom eject in a semi it would be a guaranteed success in my opinion. Remington and Beretta couldn’t do it, I have confidence that Ithaca could. (And should!!)

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