Help!! Narrowing down my model.

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I recently purchased a double barrel hammerless Ithaca with a serial number starting with 114xxx. Is this a Lewis and NIG model or a Lefever Nitro Special? These two models are the only ones that have possible matching serial numbers. I'm just confused.

The stock is damaged on both sides by what is presumably the "wrist" area. I read somewhere on here that might be caused by shooting heavy or modern loads in it. Not too sure.

I am not overly concerned with the worth of this weapon as I am more into surplus and antique weapons purely for the history but I am interested in the the difference in damascus or other types of finishing as well as replacement stocks since I don't plan on shooting this thing until I replace that.

And finally, where on earth can I find info about gunsmiths in my area. Google tells me that there are hundreds of gunsmiths in my area but what do I need to look for to make sure I get one who isn't shady, and is knowledgeable in old weapons and doubles at that? I just want to make sure this gun is sound, have the chamber measured before I shoot it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There's a great difference between Gunsmiths, and gun shops. Google probably lists all the gunshops in your area wheather there's a Gunsmith working in house or not. What's your area?

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I'm about two hours north of Seattle.

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You probably have a Lewis. The Lefever's were usually marked as such.
There are a number of photos posted on the different threads on the Lewis sub-forum, and I also have some posted on the Crass sub-forum of a "Fletcher Special" which was made by Ithaca. It has a Crass serial #, but we have determined that it was kind of a 'test market' prototype of the Lewis.
Check these out and see if your gun looks like that.
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Right on! Thanks for the info. My next step is to get some pics of it and let you guys see it and also to find a gunsmith and get this thing in firing condition.

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Welcome aboard Bubblehead! Since you are two hours north of Seattle you are close to the Canadain Border. Howdie Neighbour, I am six miles north of the USA Border. Love the old Ithaca Doubles. With enough research you can find out alot about your old gun. Donald

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