Double barrel 410

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I have a double barrel 410 that was my grandfathers what I think is the serial # is 31400, I am looking to get some idea of that value of this gun. Can anyone provide me some guidence. It is double barrel single trigger it is in good working condition.

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Do not know a lot about Ithaca double barreled shotguns.It would help if you could post some pictures to help those in the know in these matters to give you some information.Such as the model etc.
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Double barrel single trigger. Sounds like a Model 100 to me. Awesome awesome gun. My mother has it in 20ga. and I love it, shot many Grouse and rabbits with it... And tons of clay's too :)

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Does it look like the pic below? If so it is a Ithaca Western Arms Long Range model from 1935, around the first year they came out with the single trigger. Would have to see a pic to know for sure if this is what yours is and to get an idea of value. But if it is in fairly nice original condition, being a .410 it could bring a fair dollar no matter what model it is.

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