Determine Age of 12-Gauge Shot gun Model 37

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:09 pm
I have a 12 gauge shot gun Model 37. How can I determine the age of the gun? There is a patent number on the barrel, Patent No. 1849982 - Model 37

If anyone can help with information it would be most appreciated.

Thank you ;)

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:03 pm
Go to the Ithaca gun web sight and find the serial number list. From that list you can find out what serial number block the gun falls in and match it to the year of manufacture. The serial number will be on one of two places on the gun. The later guns are on the side of the receiver above the trigger. The early guns will have serial numbers on the very front of the receiver in between where the barrel connects to the receiver and the magazine tube.

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Thanks so much! Found the serial number and checked it out. Come to find out this ol shot gun was made in 1946. My Dad said that his uncle gave it to him. Must have been the year after he came home from the war. I do remember as a kid firing it up on the farm in Pennsylvania.

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I have a model 37 serial 332154 18 ga 2 3/4" can't find any reference to it anywhere. It will chamber a 16 ga shell but I haven't tried to fire it. help!

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You might want to check that 18 gauge part. I do not know of a 18 gauge. Maybe it is a poorly stamped 16 gauge. If it is a 16 gauge,(which I'm sure it is) then it was made in 1950, and would be a good gun. There are quite a few Model 37 16 gauges made in and around that year and most are still active guns. It isn't hard to find 16 gauge shell. Good luck.

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