1903 Lewis: What to do?


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:06 am
I have to admit, that one looks a little rough, and the missing wood along the lower tang would mean a complete re-stocking would probably be in order. Not impossible, but expensive. :(
Also, with the lever that far left of center, I would question how tight it locks up.
It would be a good idea to have it checked out by someone knowledgeable with SxS's before you attempt to shoot it. RST makes low pressure shells, but have it checked before you buy the shells, as you might be wasting your money.
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He he... definitely rough. To look good, yes, a restock would definitely be in order. Your observation on the lever also makes sense. Thanks for the input.

So, sounds like this gun is more in the $150 range than the $300, correct?

I am mainly trying to decide if I want to try and take it apart, clean it, ogle the innards, try to get it to lock up tighter and have it checked as a shooter (potentially reducing the value to a collector if I screw up) or if I want to try and sell it to a collector who already knows what to do with it.

If it is valuable as is, I don't want to mess up that value. If the top value isn't that high, then the learning experience is worth the risk of reducing the value.

I looked at RST, seems they sell by the flat of 250, which is more than I need and ALL of which cost more than I paid for the gun. If I decide to get it checked by a gunsmith, I'll probably ask around for someone local who has a few shells I could buy for a couple bucks.

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Yes, probably more in the $150 range rather than $300.

As for low pressure shells, you could try Polywad Vintagers. They have a four box minimum per order (100 shells), but I think you can combine any of their shells to meet the requirement.

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