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Noticed a 12ga. Lewis gr3 (sn 62,xxx) at a local shop yesterday. 28" extractor damascus bbls with a couple a dings,the ebony tipped forend had a pretty good sized 3/8 x 1 1/2 piece missing on one side . the frame screws looked unturned and the engraving was sharp and clear. no cracks in the well used stock, checkering was smooth but well defined and the butt plated was very good with all lettering clear. i didnt take any pics but I wondered if anyone could provide some guidance as to pricing. overall I'd call it about 60% condition.

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Well, to start out with. the right price for a used gun is "how much you like it, and willing to pay for it". They don't make them any more and there are hard to find. This Lewis is a grade three and that is a pretty fancy gun. Built in 1902 makes it pretty old. You can get the forend repaired and that would be OK. If I was near by where it was being sold I would pay up to about $500 for it, but I'm a Canadian and those guns are even rarer up here. One thing if you buy it, bet you would be the only one in your neighbourhood with one. Donald

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