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1902 Lewis 12 gauge

PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2020 11:55 pm
by parkerswede
I have what I believe to be a Lewis model, serial number 73957 and is marked AA and 12. It was found in my BIL's family farm barn up in the rafters. Stock needs to be repaired or be replaced. I would like to bring this gun back to firing condition. I have derusted the receiver/trigger guard/trigger assembly and its looks pretty good. Wondering where to start. I looked at replacement stocks for the Lewis model but the stock on this gun looks more like the Crass or Flues model - it has a rounded pistol grip and a little checkering. I know its the original stock because its numbered to match.

Re: 1902 Lewis 12 gauge

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2020 3:42 pm
by Donald
Gee if the stock is numbered and original it would be great to get it repaired. Some craftsmen can repair some stocks so good you would never know it was broken in the first place. Get it checked out by a qualified gunsmith to make sure it is safe to shoot. I have a huge Ithaca collection and have 12 double barrels, but don't have a Lewis. Good for you!

Re: 1902 Lewis 12 gauge

PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2020 1:52 pm
by 1977cutcher
Sounds like you may have a custom order gun. I would not let comparison pictures bother me to much, at that time you could order just about anything you where willing to pay for.