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I just signed up and I have a Lewis and Nig 1905. It is beat up yet restorable. It reminds me of a sxs I jumped rabbits with in my youth. It would make a nice wall ornament but curious what value it would have after restoration. I really covet this object of art. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to meeting you guys and gals.

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Hi, Phillip!
Welcome to the forum!
Sounds like you have a shotgun that'll be more than just a wall hanger, but might be a shooter again.
If possible, try and post some pictures. We love to drool!
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Welcome to the Ithaca Owners Forum !!

...and yes, post a pic or two !!

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What do you mean by restoration and are you going to be paying someone to do it.?Would need to see some pics but these are not high value guns so if you are paying someone it will cost way more than the gun is worth. Be aware of that before putting a lot of money into it.

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As was mentioned above its hard to say without actually seeing the gun but I will add that what really matters is what it is worth to you. Sentimental value weighs a lot when trying to figure if you should restore something. By refinishing and reworking you will lose collector value, but it may make it worth more as a shooter provided the work is done well and it greatly improves the weapon. It sounds like a gun you'll never part with so whats it worth to you is the real question. Take a look at online sales websites like gunsamerica or guninternational to get an idea of value as well. No matter the decision please post some pics for us.

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I own a Ithaca Lewis model sxs...1905. http://i.imgur.com/Zo8lx.jpg
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Welcome to the Ithaca Owners Forum Old Grunt !!

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