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Am very long time ago i was given parts for a Ithaca double barrel shotgun with hammers cosisting of the entire rear stock and hammer assemblys and the locking forestock. Basically no barrels. I wrote ithaca to trace the numbers and i have posted the letter below. My question is i would like to find somebody interested in buying the parts i have. If you know of anybody interested please let me know and i can send pics. I can be contacted at thanks.

Dear Rich,

According to the serial number you provided, your gun would be a New Ithaca Gun Model manufactured in 1914. Here is a little history on the New Ithaca Gun Models:

The New Ithaca Gun

Ithaca Hammer Guns, produced after the Baker Model, were considered to be just a subset of the hammerless model, whose serial number range they shared. For example, a hammer gun produced within the Crass hammerless model serial number range was referred to as a Crass Hammer Model, etc. When in fact New Ithaca Guns were a model all there own. At a glance there is very little difference between a New Ithaca Gun and a Baker Model. The metal configurations, wood and checkering patterns are close to identical. The most noticeable difference between the guns is the New Ithaca Gun stamped on the gun in block letters. There is also an additional pin positioned near the lower edge of the frame about one inch forward of the sear pin. The Model changed slightly over time as the hammerless models changed. This gun was produced from 1888 and discontinued in 1915, and was manufactured in seven different grades.

When the assets of Ithaca Gun Company were sold off in New York in 2005, we obtained neither the records nor the specs for each gun Ithaca Gun Company sold up to that point in time. We do not know who - if anyone -received this information.

The gauge should be printed somewhere on your gun. Sometimes it is found on the watertable. The grade of the gun is usually printed above or beside the gauge – for example,” F 12” would mean your gun was a Field Grade, 12 Gauge. When you break the gun open, the watertable is that part of the gun where the barrels normally rest when the gun is in the closed position.

Although we only have and service the Model 37’s, there are two Master Gunsmiths who can provide service for your gun and still have some parts. Les Hovencamp, who was the head gunsmith for the original Ithaca, now owns and operates Diamond Gunsmithing in Ithaca, New York. He can be contacted at 607-273-4510 between 2:00PM and 5:00PM Tuesdays through Fridays. Les’ website is You can also contact Ron Sharp in Ontario, Canada, at 905-774-6368.

Thank You for contacting

Ithaca Gun Company

Patty Cooper

USA All the Way!!

Phone: 419-294-4113

Toll-free: 877-648-4222


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I own a Ithaca double barrel hammered shotgun. Serial# 253681. I am trying to find its model type, year of make, Gauge, and also I am in need of a replacement barrel. Can you help with any of this . Thanks, Rich

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