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What gauge is your NID?

10 gauge
12 gauge
16 gauge
20 gauge
28 gauge
.410 bore
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Total votes : 21

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For all you NID owners out there, what gauge is your double? Also if you have a chance please post about your double with pics if possible. Thanks!

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Wish I had a 28 gauge NIB so I could submit a vote.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:41 pm

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I'm new here but glad to find you folks! Can I cast two votes?
one 16 and one 12. Both field grade, both made in 1926.
I'm looking for a 20ga!

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I've got an NID Super 10 with 32" full and fuller barrels Grade 2 . Had the gun for about 35 years and never fired it until 2 or 3 years ago .

When we got it back then it was in need . So it got a nice rust blue and the wood was redone and to be honest if I didn't tell you the blueing and wood had both been redone you'd never know . Of course the Pachmayer White Line looks outta place but that gun was redone around 1980 so that was about the only game in town at the time . Maybe in a few years I'll put a Hawkins or Silvers on it for the heck of it !





In my accumulation I have several 10 gauge side by sides for the 2 7/8" shells and over the course of time I decided to load buckshot for them and try and take deer with them .
Two seasons ago I was hunting with some friends doing drives and I had a smallish buck come by me and I was carrying the Ithaca NID Super 10 loaded with #3 buck in the right barrel and 000 in the left barrel (both my handloads of course).



The little fellow was coming straight at me and I shot him in the briskit at about 20 yards with the #3 Buck , he turned and I put the 000 behind the shoulder . He went about 30 yards and piled up .

At the moment I have three Parkers for the 10 gauge 2 7/8" shell , a W&C Scott back action hammerless , a LC Smith Quality 2 and this Ithaca NID Super 10 .

I am thinking I still need another Parker EH on a #3 frame with 32" F&F barrels as well as an Ithaca NID Magnum 10 ;)
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That's a really nice example 6pt. Looks like it is in great shape.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:52 am
Excellent pics...thanks for posting !!

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20 gauge grade 2. Has had Briley interchangeable tubes installed.

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