Ithaca NID SxS


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I have one in 16 ga. from 1928 Good shape and it has been restocked to modern demensions, but who ever did kept the original checkerin pattern. Chamber is 2 9/16ths so use 2.5 loads in it. As I really like SxSs I like the NIDs.
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Sounds like a beauty, do you have any pictures?
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Yea popplecop...stop teasing us !! :lol:

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I have my eyes peeled for a NID to go with my Flues and Nitro. I love the older SXS's and imagine the hunts they went on over the years and of the owners who carried them.. If only these old guns could talk. Everytime one of these old guns is picked up, you are picking up a piece of history and of a simpler time long past.

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I love classic shotguns and the NID is certainly one of them. I had a Philadelphia Fox Sterlingworth for a while, but I'm an Ithaca fan and want an NID to go with my 2 model 37s.

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