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In forums and online comments I'm always interested in reading about what classic model guns that are being passed down from grandpas, uncles, and dads to still be used by their next generation of family shooters. It seems to me that the most written about guns being passed down are the same 3 models. It's usually a 16ga LC Smith, a Browning sweet sixteen, or a 12-16-20ga Ithaca model 37. A real testament to their abilities to hold up to generation after generation of used and cherishment.

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Well, I do have a Flues model that was originally purchased by my great great grandfather. I also have a Marlin bolt action 22 that my grandfather used to take to school and use for the school sponsored shooting team (try that today). On a side not I have two pocket watches that my great uncle "liberated" during WWII,
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My last will and testament specifically states that all my firearms ( in two safes ) goes to my only child...who I know will care for and enjoy them...then pass them down to her children.

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My last will and testament goes also that all my firearms shall be left to my eldest son, as I know he can manage to care those things by the time I may pass away.
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