My Ithaca firearm survived _____________

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Growing up with five older brothers we shared two Ithaca 37's, thirty five years ago. Both guns were from the early 70's. I always wanted one of my own so about a month ago I purchased a used Model 37 that was manufactured in 1975. The gun was a field grade but it also came with a deerslayer barrel. It was a little rough and the stock was cracked quite a bit and I planned on restoring it after deer hunting season.

Well, on the very first morning of the deer hunt I was getting ready to leave the deer stand and unloaded the gun to get ready to move down. Just that quick the stand collapsed and the gun fell straight down and hit the latter barrel first bending the muzzle so much it was unusable at that point. The gun was scratched and it broke the stock almost in half. I was crushed. I couldn't believe it. I was sick to see my gun like that then realized my deer hunting season was over too.

After some thought on repairing and restoring the gun I decided to send back to Ithaca in Upper Sandusky, OH. What better place to have it worked on than by the people who know it best. I haven't gotten it back yet and can't wait to see it again. My only regret is I didn't think to take any before pictures before sending out for repair.

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I'm sure you'll get it back better than expected. All my dealings with them are 100% positive. Welcome to the forum.

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This is my 1940 16 GA model 37. It has not had to survive being dropped or drowned like some of the others have .
When I bought the gun it was in Washington state . So what it has survived is being made in New York then somehow making it to Washington , then to me in Ohio over a course of 73 years and doing this with just one small mark on it .
There is a thin spot in the bluing on top of the reciver from what looks to be a rub from being cased or covered in some way .
So this one has survived 73 years of age , at least 2 trips across the USA and apparently always been in the hands of someone that used it very little and took very good care of it .


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That's impressive, someone loved their '37!

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With its single extractor. serial number 20xx picked it up at a gun show recently for $170 the buttstock is kaput, but the rest is in good shape considering its age.
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How about a few pictures GmT...!?

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