Western Arms Trap?


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I am looking for general info and also value of this gun.

The left barrel is marked: Western Arms Branch Ithaca Gun Co. Inc. Ithaca, N.Y.

The right barrel is marked: Long Range Gun

The barrel flats are both marked Trap, with the right barrel marked with a notched circle and the number 2. The left barrel flat has the nothced circle and the number 4.

The stock and beavertail forearm are checkered. The gun also has ejectors and a factory rubber butt pad. Serial number is-112XX

Thank you for any info you can give me.

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Your gun was made in 1930. The 2 and 4 will be choke designation, the 4 being full choke and the 2 being modified. I'm not sure about price. The Western Arms Long Range was Ithaca's low end gun and most were pretty basic. I just bought a real nice one with full case coloring and nice wood and bluing. I paid $350.00 for the gun which included shipping. Your gun having beavertail forearm, checkering and ejectors will be worth considerably more as it is a lot more rare for a long range model. Depending on condition of course, I will take a stab in the dark and say around $700.00-$800.00 if in quite nice condition. But as I said, this could be a bit off.
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Sounds like you got your answer...but I will add that my reference book lists the Long Range Double Deluxe ( with auto extractors and single trigger...a premium ) and with checkering on the forearm as well as the grip as an Montgomery Ward Company made exclusive...

NRA ratings follow:



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Sorry dear i have no info regarding it.. otherwise i must inform you..
:) 8-)

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The notched circle is the mark of the man who proofed the gun. I have never seen a Weatern Arms marked Trap. Any chance for a photo? 2 is mod., 4 is full.

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The stock and beavertail forearm are checkered.

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