Ithaca Flues stock cast off for righty


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I have an Ithaca Flues from about 1920. The stock on it is cast off for a right handed person. My brother bought the shotgun and couldn't hit anything with it. Then found out it was made for a right handed shooter and he is left handed. So he gave it to me about 35 years ago. I used it for hunting woodcock and partridge in New Hampshire back then. Did they make many with the stock cast off like that, or was this done after?

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I have a reprint of the 1931 Ithaca catalog. It gave the customer the option of a different length of pull and drop at the heel, but nothing was said about cast-off or cast-on. A special order gun could have been made with a cast-off stock, but I would think the typical gun was not.

I have two Flues guns from the early 1920s and they appear to have straight stocks.
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