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Hi There,
New to the Forum, I'm planning to buy a Ithaca 12ga SXS SN#1917** Smokeless Powder Steel 30" Barrels
Full Chokes, 12S stamp and Nitro Powder Proved, I like to know the manufactured year, price range (the condition of the shotgun is used but not abuse) and if its OK to shoot today's light loads, never own a SXS before, eager to learn a lot here, any help will be greatly appreciated. :D
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Hi Scar,

Well like alot of things, it depends. First, the price. That depends on the grade. if we assume it is a grade one, then the price ranges from $1100 for one in excellent condition, $700 for VG, $375 for Good and $250 for fair. the price goes up accordingly with the grade type. a grade 2 starts at $350 and goes all the way up to $1250

As for shootability. Well, if it is safe to shoot, then low pressure shells are safe to shoot. Check for any bulges or dents in the barrel. Take the barrels off and tap them with an eraser. If they ring instead of clunk, then that means there are no loose solder joints. Get some snap caps and check the safety, too. Load up snap caps set the safety and pull each trigger. make sure the safety doesn't fail. The other things I would do is close the gun and check the lever. make sure it is not much past 6 o'clock. if it is closer to 7 o'clock that indicates wear. anything to the right of 6 is great.

Hope that helps.
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if it is a flues it'd be 1909..
were flues smokeless nitro powder guns?
the lefever nito specials were

and i think the SN#s were in the same number ranges

that SN could also be a 1925 nitro special?

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Thanks so much for the info :D

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