I need a bolt catch.

1958-1964 (X-5 Lightning), 1964-1967 (X-15 Lightning)

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Okay im new to this board and hope this is okay. I need a bolt catch assembly for a lightning. Someone over tightened it before I bought it and cracked it just behind the threads. If anyone has one or knows someone that might have one, I would appreciate it. I allready talked to Sharps Guns and he did not have one. Thanks

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That stinks but you should be able to find what you need somwhere.
See if that works for you as they have schematic of your gun. Note that is for the X5 model as im not sure which model you have but if you just click on the letter "I" under search by manufacturer to the left and then click on Ithaca & SKB that will take you back to where you can pick out the model of your gun. Hope that helps.
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Any luck finding one?

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Those bolt catches are known to break and are hard to find. Took me over a year to finally find one on Ebay before they put the big clamp down on gun parts. You will sometimes find these types of parts on gunbroker, you just have to keep checking until you find one listed. In the mean time you can use a set screw to fill the hole. Good luck.

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I was on the Numrich site today looking for parts for one of mine. They listed some bolt catches in stock for about $10. Better get them while you can they are normally out of stock on that item.

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