Model 49r (repeater)


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Hello everyone i'm new on here so if there already is a thread for the M49r i apologize, but i cant seem to find one...anywhere.

Anyhow i recently acquired one in absolutely mint condition (100% blueing, not a single scratch on steel or stock), and knew little about the rifle in general - but as a lover of lever guns and what i considered a great price of $160 i jumped on it. After trying to do some online research about it im finding that its pretty scarce/rare to find ANYTHING regarding them.

In my estimation this rifle has never been fired...when you open the action the internals are absolutely pristine and unblemeshed/no dirt/gunk/powder residue/wear. Looking down the barrel with a light and its like a mirror all the way down.

So i ask if anyone on this forum can maybe help my curiosities. Are they as rare as they seem to me? Did i over/under pay for my rifle in your estimations? Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

I absolutely love this rifle already and not sure in its condition if i should even ever shoot it (dying to though)

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The model 49R is not rare, there were a lot of them. You don't find many of them because they were terrible. Very unreliable. Some of them wouldn't even work coming out of the factory. The single shot 49 was a good gun. Ithaca quit making the 49R and went to a Model 72 and it was a great success. When Ithaca dropped the model 72 Henry picked up same design and still make them today. I have an Ithaca Model 49R and it has spent more time in the shop than out, and after replacing just about every part it still doesn't work. Good luck with yours! If it works maybe you got a good one.

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thanks for the reply Donald. There is scarce information online about it, good to know this forum is active. I appreciate it.

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Just an update on the functionality. I loaded it with 5 rounds and cycled without firing it and it ejected each perfectly....repeated 3 times no jams or problems what-so-ever. seems like its not a lemon - however im still on the fence if i should leave it in its "unfired" condition.
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Welcome to the Ithaca Owners Forum !!

I would enjoy firing it...not much collectability for that model.

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thanks Shooter, and i have to admit a part of me would love a collectible, but i always prefer to own something i can enjoy using for its purpose. appreciate it
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Not a problem...enjoy the forum !!
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Whatever you do, don't short cycle it. They are notorious for feeding and ejection problems when cycled properly, short cycling the lever only makes it much much worse.

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