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How exactly have shot shells changed mechanically in the past several decades? Besides switching from from paper to plastic hulls. Is it true older wad/shot cup designs produce wider patterns? The reason I ask is because I'm stuck on a Full choke for squirrels this year, and my pattern wasn't overly kind on the last one I shot. I figured if I can't change the choke, than maybe I should try to change the shell. I'm also looking to get a loader here next month, so home loading "vintage" style shells won't be an issue for me. ANY suggestions would be much appreciated.

Also, if you we're wondering, I've been running Winchester 1 oz of no.8 shot 12 gauge low brass game loads up to this point. They didn't work well for me.


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Ballistic Products Inc. is your friend. They sell a variety of "spreader" wads. Just google them, they have a full on line catalog.

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Thanks krag96, They seem like a solid idea. I've come across a couple reviews that say that they can make a full pattern a little tighter than skeet. I don't need it that loose, but that would help out at the gun club. I'll see if I can drum some up out of midway and give it a go.


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I know this is late, but I use the extreme spreader (X shaped) from BPI with WAA16 clone wads from claybuster on a 16ga. mod. barrel. You can vary your pattern by leaving the petals on the wads or cutting the petals off the wads while using their X shaped spreader. Very good results on the pattern board. Also I think Poly Wad? sells something similar.

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I am a fan of RST shells, made for older guns, but they still shoot fine in most guns, might not cycle all autos tho. They make a spreader shell too. I own an ancient Parker GH double, damascus with F/F barrels. I load my left hand pocket with normal RST shells and my right pocket with spreaders and I've just created a full and IC gun.

You buy RST shells thru the mail. Not all that cheap. I buy'em by the case and only use them when it is necessary, so a case will last me a few years. (Frankly I wish they did not; I'd like to do more hunting.)

There is another company like RST, Poly Wad. Also if you are hunting for old fashioned wads there is an outfit called Circle Fly. They can fix you up so that you can reload shells like they used to. Also, muzzle loading stuff.

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