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PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 3:42 pm
New line of ammo currently available at Cabela's...

Centerfire Handgun:

.40 S&W
.45 ACP

Centerfire Rifle:

.300 Blackout
.308 Winchester
.338 Lapua


The Team Never Quit™ Mission:

Team Never Quit™ is a group of selected individuals who personify "The Warrior Spirit", who share the fighter's drive and commitment to Team. Through their individual stories of perseverance, they each display a unique path to overcoming challenges. While the methods of sharing their stories differ, they all inspire those who hear their message to be better. What they share as a team is the support and encouragement for each other and their aspirations, while relying on each member to sharpen the other.

Team Never Quit™ is also a movement - a community of people who answer the call to honor, support and restore our veterans. A Team united in standing side-by-side in the fight to overcome the struggles our veterans face when they come home.

Never Quit. Never Forget.™


Similar to their mission, Team Never Quit™ has released a collection of premium ammunition that the customer can count on every time. The full ammunition line leverages Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's elite military experience to focus on a tactical array of ammo built for unmatched performance in self-defense and serious training. ... _TNQ_ODA15


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