Federal Trophy Copper slugs

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This year Federal has introduced it's own line of all copper tipped sabot slugs called the Trophy Copper, it's a continuation of their new rifle bullet line. Unfortunatly this means they are dropping the Barnes Tipped Expander from their shotgun slug line, which I know is a popular slug among hunters and deadly as well. Last weekend I bought a couple boxes of the new Trophy Copper slugs from my local Bass Pro, $13.49 a box and tried them out in my M37 DS that I just got back form Ithaca, I had a Thumbhole stock put on her. Anyway I made the mistake of buying 3" shells not the 2 3/4" which is what I wanted but I shot them anyway. Box specs 12 ga. 3" 300 gr. at 2000 FPS. These grouped fairly well for me at 100 yds. around 2 1/2" for a three shot group. Some were smaller and some were larger I will try to get some pictures up later.
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If you turkey hunters haven't tried this stuff, you really should give it a go. Now it isn't cheap but it's performance is really good. . . . . . . . . . . .. . ..
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