New Ithaca Tactical M Series Carbine

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Interesting. Is the magwell changeable or is there a completely seperate lower for the 7.62x51 version?

Is the discoloration wear, oxidation, or purposeful?

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Wow, very interesting. I built a short barrel CMMG a while back...but now I wish I went for a .308 version. Perhaps that will come to light, if not I suppose I could buy a long barrel version from Ithaca. :)
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when will they be available got to have one will have one whenever i can get one lloyd
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No eta at the moment
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Any news of this yet? and more importantly will there be a sub calibre training version? Over here we are only allowed .22 semi auto rifles and a full on mini rifle competition market has grown out of this limitation. Currently being led by S & W with their superb 15-22. Come on Ithaca! get some market share!

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