Post pictures of your Ithaca Larrabee

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krag96 wrote:Um-Um-Um! Those Ithaca single's have been my favorite break open gun for years! I'm still kicking myself for not buying a 1930-something trap model in a shop some years ago for under $700.00. The new ones look just as good!

Which brings to my mind, a question. Should I hunt up an old Ithaca Trap gun or buy this new one? Or, put another way, is this new one better than the old?

I am intrigued by what I read in the company's statements about the new Ithaca barrels. If they are as perfect as they say, maybe a new gun is the way to go. Trouble is the old guns sing to me.

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The old ones sing to me as well. I own and shoot the 65 Knick made. It is hard to beat that! They were built "to stand the racket."

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