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I have owned my 20 ga. m66 since I was 12 yrs. old, I am 59 now. this was the first gun that I bought on my own. I would love to find a rifled slug barrel to fit it so we could get back in the woods together again, anyone have any info? What would be the possibility that Ithaca could make one for this gun again? Thanks for the help!

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Keep an eye on the auction sites, (Gun Broker, Guns America, Auction Arms) maybe call Ithaca for some leads, but I doubt very much if they'll make one. There's a fellow in Canada who bought out a lot of old Ithaca parts when the factory at King Ferry went under, the folks at Ithaca service dept. 1-877-648-4222 will be happy to provide the contact info to you.

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The model 66 was produced from 1963 to 1979. There was a slug version known as the Buckbuster that was produced 1967-1975. Rifled shot gun barrels where not introduced until 1988. In order for you to obtain a rifled barrel for this gun it would most likely have to be a custom job. I would expect that the cost of the work would exceed the value of the gun. You may be better off investing in a different gun. The Ithaca model 37 pump is known to be quite accurate as far as shotguns go. Good luck!

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I take it he's looking for a smoothbore barrel for rifled slugs. The term, "rifled slug barrel" gets confusing sometimes on Gun Broker with later barrels, sometimes requiring a messege to the seller.

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Im looking for the same thing in 20 ga.

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