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Hi folks.. just joining the forum today to hit up some people with more information than I do concerning Ithaca's.
Recently, was given an older Model 37 (20ga., 26" barrel) from my father-in-law.. he had it stuffed in his closet for years.. He gave it to me because I had a few newer Model 37 and he was tired of 'messing' with it.
Two issues with it is that the serial number is 127455.. some where around 1947. The second issue the barrel has a hole in it. It came with a choke already on it and he wanted to take it off.. so he clamped a set of vice grips to the retainer tab and when he was twisting the choke off he busted the tab off. Insult to injury, the choke didn't come off.
Well, I figured it would be relatively simple to contact the Ithaca gun folks and get a replacement barrel.
They could fix it by machining the receiver to accept a new barrel but that was cost prohibitive.

Now, my questions.. does any one know of or point me in the right direction to buy a barrel for an older Model 37.. the second question is what is the thread pattern for those barrels.. Is there a series of years where the threads might match the receiver I have..
I appreciate any and all answers.. LOL.. have more questions but figured If I get these answered then I can start with more info.. Thanks
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I'm a bit lost
in that time period all chokes were fixed so there was something aftermarket done.

any barrel before SN 855XXX will fit the gun however it will be necessary to take it to a gun smith to fit the barrel.there are head space issues that need adjustment.
try scanning ebay for a used barrel
PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:07 am
Welcome to the Ithaca Owners Forum Retread1955 !!

I'll leave the tech stuff to the membership...
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It might be easier and better to cut the barrel and have a new bead installed.
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Howdy, I'm bumping up old posts to see if I can get our members back on the forum...
Welcome to the club.
Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.
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