New Ithaca Double, magnum 10 ga. 3.5"


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Back in 1966, Elmer Keith talked me into buying an Ithaca NID 10 ga. mag., as he had one in #4 grade that he simply loved. So I found one, in Wisconsin, bought it, and had it shipped to me when I lived in Montana. It was a #2 grade, but I later traded it for part payment on a Westley Richards sxs double barreled .375 flanged rifle. Later, I bought another #2 grade NID 10 ga., so I have been handloading and shooting this double shotgun for a good long time, with loads up to and including 2 1/4 oz of shot. These Ithaca 10 gauge doubles were made from 1932 through 1942, with only 887 made in total, and 87 NID magnum 12 gauge 3" made during same period. For the 887 10 ga.guns, 574 were field grade, and 313 were in higher grades. Sorry, I have no cameras or knowledge as to how to post pictures of any kind. If anyone knows source of handload data for the 3.5 inch 10 gauge, up to 2 1/2 to 3 oz. shot, please let me know. Back in the early 1970s, an American firm was selling foreign made sxs 10 ga. mag. 3.5" double shotguns, and also selling foreign loaded shells for it that were loaded with full 3 oz. of shot, so I am hoping to get data for heavier loads than normally used in this guns. The Ithaca NID 10 gauge guns were serial numbered from 500,000 (that was serial number of Keith's gun, originally owned by Charles Askins), in #4 grade. They were all overbored, by Ithaca, from normal bore diameter of 10 gauge, .775" dia. to .795" so they were bored out .020" from normal, to get best patterning possible from this tightly chocked gun, for long distance pass shooting.

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I've not had one of these jewels in my hands as of yet . But I sure hope to acquire one to go with my Ithaca NID Super 10 . While I've obviousely not had any experience with patterning a NID Mag 10 I have done a fair amount with an Ithaca NID Super 10 and it's rather tight as well to say the least.

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